About Us

In 2005 ACS brought together individuals with decades of experience to form an executive coaching company. Over time the ACS approach has evolved through an understanding that the success of a company is reliant on its people.
In 2014 ACS launched its recruitment arm to help its current and new customers to find the very best people for their businesses. Based on a high integrity team approach to recruitment ACS has set itself apart from the crowd to become the preferred recruitment partner for over 500 blue chip companies across the UK.
ACS specialise in recruitment for Manufacturing, Engineering and Logistics companies covering all white and skilled blue collar roles within their businesses. When we work with a customer we offer support for all of their contract, permanent and temporary roles irrespective of the department they work in. Whether this is HR, operations, manufacturing, production, it, sales, finance or marketing.
Happy Team Happy Customers
We firmly believe a happy, stable team will deliver the best results for our customers. This is why we don't have individual targets. We don't look for blame we only look for results, and we make our workplace and enjoyable place to be.
We operate a profit share system where the whole team is rewarded for the results we get from our customers. We have specialists in each area but every member of the team is just as interested in every job, every candidate and every customer because we are all in it together.
Our Approach
It’s not just what we do that makes us so successful, but how we do it. We approach every project with the same core values:
Integrity – we do our utmost to deliver on what we say we will do.
Trust – we are as open and honest as possible at all times.
Respect – we respect our customers and ourselves.
Value – we go the extra mile to deliver value to our customers.

Improving Business Performance Through People Performance